Are you at risk…

14,000 people experience a water damage emergency at home or work every day and 98% of the basements in the United States will experience water damage in their lifespan according to research published by the insurance industry.

When did I get exposed to mold?

A known water damage event or visible mold makes this knowledge undeniable. However, so many people are falling ill from the mycotoxin byproducts of mold because their exposure was covert and unknown. Honestly, by the time the mold is visible the unseen mold is huge in most cases and the impact to health is well underway.

My mold exposure remains largely unknown. Tracing back through my 4 decades brings only 1 known water incident about 6 years ago. However, my life has offered several strong environmental candidates for mold.

  • 3 of my childhood schools have been torn down due to age and 1 had a basement.
  • I have lived in 4 different apartment complexes and 2 different dormitories in college and early adulthood.
  • I taught in 2 different public school buildings. 1 of which always had a janitor moving garbage bins under leaks every time it rained.
  • Looking through old photos revealed a water stain mark on the white tile ceiling of my senior English classroom.
  • 3 adulthood homes were 30 years old or older.

Regardless of the exact moment or accumulation of mycotoxins, I began having active symptoms around 3 years ago. It was a perfect storm that flooded my total toxic load bucket to the point of spillage across all 11 of my body systems. I, like most, casually brushed off my body’s request for help by excusing it to a current life circumstance. In the span of the 2 years that included the “known” water incident in my house, I also had just purchased the home, changed teaching assignments and buildings, and married my husband. Life was stressful with blending families and trying to establish firm footing with my new teaching responsibilities.

I was still battling candida overgrowth symptoms and the weight was becoming more stubborn while practicing largely the same lifestyle habits except stress management. That must be the cause, right?

It all started innocent enough with a little bit of vertigo and earache during a surface interval on our annual diving trip. After a week back in the states, I was still having ear issues and dizzy spells. This progressed into a worsening reaction to wine. My hands would swell and turn blotchy red followed by bloating and digestive irritability. I assumed I had eaten a little poorly on vacation and away from my normal routine so I did all the old faithful things that served me well in my original health crisis 5 years earlier. Everything seemed to be fine until we visited our favorite restaurant and ordered our favorite appetizer. I always enjoyed the onion garnish but my body was not having it that night. I felt miserable and proved it was the onions on 2 other visits.

Like most struggling with stubborn weight, tried cross fit for about 6 months. My endurance was abysmal and I walked away from the gym.

Bouts of vertigo, ear pressure and ringing, increasing food sensitivities were all in play and I was just pushing through each episode.  Any symptom I may have been experiencing became overshadowed by my son’s TBI and recovery. I believe it was this divine intervention that landed me in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber daily to help my son recover. This daily exposure to 100% oxygen sustained my body’s needs so I could continue to be there for my son. When the treatments were over I began to have the chronic fatigue settle back in, anxiety, minor depression, lack of focus, joint pain, ear issues, dizzy spells, worsening balance, and food was becoming an enemy.

Another year went by fluctuating between all the following symptoms:

    1. Ear Pain/Ringing/Pressure/Itching
    2. Headaches
    3. Sinus Pressure
    4. Overproduction of Mucous
    5. Unproductive clearing of throat
    6. Anxiety
    7. Depression
    8. Joint Pain
    9. Short term memory issues
    10. Irritability
    11. Weak Muscles/Muscle wasting
    12. Chronic Fatigue
    13. Vision changes including floaters
    14. Frequent Urination
    15. Digestive Issues (IBS/SIBO/SIFO)
    16. Hives/Skin rashes
    17. Air Hunger(couldn’t take a deep breath)
    18. Noise Sensitivity
    19. Smell Sensitivity
    20. Dry/Itchy Skin
    21. Neuropathy…especially in feet
    22. Vertigo
    23. Food Sensitivities and Intolerances
    24. Nausea
    25. Candida Overgrowth
    26. Tremors
    27. Buzzing in the body
    28. Poor Circulation(cold extremities)
    29. Metallic Taste in mouth
    30. Cold all the time (poor temperature regulation)
    31. Hormone Imbalances
    32. Low/No Libido
    33. Brain fog
    34. Chemical sensitivities
    35. Insomnia
    36. Depersonalization
    37. Night sweats
    38. Candida

I was becoming frustrated with the ongoing discomfort as each symptom was becoming more intense and not just “passing”. I landed in the emergency room over a panic attack I could not get under control and was discharged with a high power antihistamine. Seriously!? I drove home extremely discouraged. I was taking the best pharmaceutical grade supplements available, getting regular extensive bloodwork showing phenomenal results, focusing on energy work with personalized self-care, maximizing my sleep hygiene, and lucky enough to have access to the “cleanest” products and food. My foundations were the strongest they had ever been and I was struggling more than ever before. What was I missing?!

The only way to no what was challenging my body was to actively look for any known toxins that continued to contribute to my Total Toxic Burden.  

  • The Great Plains Mycotoxin Lab revealed 3 mycotoxins of varying levels.
  • RGCC Prime Spot revealed Epstein Barr Virus (I had NEVER been diagnosed with MONO…EVER).
  • Doctor’s Data Urine Toxic Metal Test revealed Mercury (How many fillings or crowns do you have?).
  • The Great Plains OAT (Organic Acids Test) showing imbalances in several areas.

Course of action was simple: DETOX!

I received an SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique) infusion to eradicate EBV and a very comprehensive Mold Detox Protocol to mobilize the mycotoxins and support the detox pathways for elimination. I noticed HUGE differences in many of the above mentioned symptoms in as little as 3 days. As of today, I am 5 months into the aggressive Mold Protocol and a lab follow up has shown tremendous progress. This process is a marathon and I am anticipating a year or more until I have cleared my Total Toxic Burden of mycotoxins. However, the reversal of symptoms and daily regaining of my health is motivation to continue the time consuming process. I also have a consultation scheduled for a “Green” Dentist to establish a treatment plan to remove the toxic metal from my mouth.


  1. Listen to your body and keep peeling back the layers until you reach the root cause.

  2. Clean food, clean water, clean air, and clean thoughts are important to healing and thriving.

  3. If you are on a treatment plan for your unique symptoms and not experiencing control or disappearance of symptoms, you aren’t at the root cause yet…keep digging!

  4. Mainstream medicine does not typically test or validate the concept of total toxic burden or the health impact of toxins. Find a knowledgable Functional Medicine provider.

  5. Any journey of healing must be covered in grace and forgiveness. We didn’t get here overnight so we won’t undo the damage overnight. Be patient and kind to yourself as you support the body to do what it was beautifully designed to do…HEAL.

Stay curious my friends!

Remember…the information in this article and on this website is for educational purposes only. Speak with your trusted physician when considering or implementing change to your health plan.