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As consumers , we are beginning to be more aware and picky about the products we are allowing in our homes, on ourselves, and in our bodies. Losing trust in large corporations that control major portions of the economy or create relationships that dominate multiple industries, makes us look at progress differently.Life Coach Tulsa sees this twisted progressive approach to the economy and consumerism and has enticed us to try to get back to the basics.Nature, if treated with respect, can provide us with everything we need sans lab created chemicals. Essential oils are bottles of harnessed nature. If sourced correctly, essential oils have the capacity to clean and strengthen my house, laundry, body, mind, health and nutrition without harmful fillers compromising the quality.Life Coach Tulsa chooses Young Living for their quality, dependability, variety, and supporting resources to help grow consumer knowledge and share this opportunity with everyone wanting to eliminate nasty chemicals from their lives.Reducing chemicals in our daily total toxic load should be a high priority for you like it is for LifeCoach Tulsa. Our environment is becoming more toxic by the day and our constant exposure is having greater impacts on our health. Xenoestrogens are foreign estrogens that mimic real estrogen binding up sites of attachment in our bodies and wreaking havoc on our hormonal balance. These foreign estrogens can be found in plastic, pesticides, and chemicals throughout our daily routines. Do you drink from a plastic water bottle? Do you eat 100% organic and pesticide free produce? Did your meat eat 100% organic and pesticide free food? Do you use chemical free beauty and hygiene products? Can you find the word “fragrance” on your products? Did you grab that receipt after that chemical free purchase? Based on your answers you could be overwhelming your body with estrogen and your whole health system feels the impact as your total toxic load increases in your “bucket” and spills over with all kinds of fun symptoms.
Life Coach Tulsa investigates the “bucket” analogy with each client to create awareness and accountability for the hidden sabotages derailing their optimal health journey. Imagine that you carry this imaginary bucket with you since conception. As you face each day and interact with your environment, you are placing items in your bucket. The body is beautifully designed with specific systems to help detoxify and eliminate the toxins in our bucket continuously. However, if our bucket fills up faster than our body’s systems can process and remove the toxins, the bucket “spills” and our body will begin tattling like a toddler. Rashes, headaches, extra mucous, allergy-like symptoms, food intolerances, fatigue, hormone imbalances, IBS symptoms, autoimmunity, inflammation, and the list could go on. Life Coach Tulsa takes an individual approach to each client to look at their personal bucket and co-create a plan to identify the items in the bucket and find reasonable and sustainable substitutes to begin lowering the level of the bucket all together. Essential oils are a game changer when looking for effective alternatives to reducing environmental bucket contributors.
One symptom experienced in my own home was a breast in the wrong place…as in, on a son and not a daughter! I have 4 boys in my home so their anonymity will remain preserved.
Anyways, in typical little boys fashion, a game of “purple nurple” ensued and the tenderness was quickly discovered. Tulsa Life Coach has helped several male clients reverse the manifestation of gynecomastia (enlargement of a man’s breast usually due to hormonal imbalance or hormone therapy…TOO MUCH ESTROGEN) with the application of a few supplements to aid in detox and reducing exposure to environmental estrogens. Taking inventory of exposure is a very tailored process based on each client’s lifestyle. For my home, supplementation took place and several environmental exposures were eradicated. This would be the precise time Young Living became a priority and oil infused non-chemical based cleaners were created. Traditional, chemical laden cleaners were tossed as well as hygiene products overhauled. The word “fragrance” is almost extinct and the episode of gynecomastiais done.

Synthetic, or lab created chemicals, are connected to a variety of disease processes. Tulsa LifeCoach has a guiding principle to be as natural as possible to allow nature to sustain genuine support of optimal health.Basically, if my ancestors did not have access or would not recognize the product prior to about World War II, I do not want it in my life and it comes under great scrutiny and research until I am satisfied with the products ingredients and the integrity of the manufacturer. Young Living Essential Oils has gained the trust of Tulsa Life Coach and their products are incorporated into my lifestyle replacing the toxins that were slowly poisoning my family.

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