We live in a toxic world and it is becoming increasingly harder to protect our health.

I have worked with countless clients that are suffering from symptoms stemming from toxins. Life Coach Tulsa is aggressive in encouraging clients to detox their lives from the inside out.

Step 1: NUTRITION – Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group publishes this report every year since 2004 to identify pesticide contamination of 47 of the most popular produce items. The Dirty Dozen lists the top 12 fruits and vegetables that contain the most pesticides. Life Coach Tulsa educates clients to only buy these items organic to avoid the extra toxic burden and reduce potential inflammation caused by the chemicals. The Clean 15 is an area of flexibility for your budget. These fruits and vegetables are not as toxic and can be purchased conventional. This is a great reference list for you to stick to a grocery budget without sacrificing your health. The release of the 2020 report also included research on raisins that places them #1 on the Dirty Dozen. Even beyond the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen, eat more foods that are not processed. If it was made in a plant(factory), your body was not designed to use it. If it is a plant or supported by a plant, your body has the mechanisms to use it to support your health.

Step 2: Green Beauty and Hygiene Products

Once again, the Environmental Working Group has made this easy to accomplish. Simply download their handy, dandy app called EWG’s Health Living and start scanning! This has proved to be extremely helpful to Life Coach Tulsa clients as they begin learning about clean products. The skin is an organ that absorbs all the things we place on it during our lifetime. Deodorant, lotion, body soap, makeup, and perfume are just a few items with chemicals that can disrupt our hormones and even nervous system function. Moving to lesser harsh products eases the burden on your detox systems giving your health greater resilience. There are so many toxic exposures we cannot control. However, exposure to these products are within your control by using the app and choosing to not purchase toxic chemicals.

Step 3: Cleaning Products

Another area that is well deserving of your attention when reducing toxin exposure is your cleaning products. The Environmental Working Group understood how important this is to educate the public and added Healthy Cleaners to their scope of research and reporting toxins. We all want a clean environment when we consider virus and bacteria. However, we cannot afford to substitute one bad for another that can be equally if not more harmful to our health. Super sterile environments remove the ability for our immune systems to practice their jobs and expand their reference libraries for future offenders. The goal is to strengthen our health foundations on the inside instead of trying to control and sterilize our environment with harmful products that erode our foundations. Stop the cycle and scan your products to get as close to green as possible. We are looking for better…not perfect as we continue this journey to “clean”.

Step 4: Relationships

The company you keep may be impacting your health. Negativity, abuse in any form, discouragement, and enabling are just a few interactions that can influence your health status and ability to make positive changes. Think of the connections you have and begin asking if they drain you or pour into you. This is a basic evaluation to start considering the people to keep and those that require better boundaries. Social connections have been proven through research to contribute to quality of life. However, the type of connection is the most important factor determining if that quality is positive or negative(1). Life Coach Tulsa has worked with countless clients struggling with toxicity appearing as stubborn weight gain due to negative relationships. This weight is used as protection by creating a physical boundary between the person and the situations they are not deeming emotionally safe.

Step 5: Encourage Natural Detox Through Opening Elimination Pathways

As you continue to evaluate and remove the toxins in your life, you will also need to support detox. Encouraging natural detox involves supporting your regular bowel movements, skin health, urinary system, lung health, and lymph movement. Hydrating by consuming 50% of your body weight in ounces is important to support the removal of waste through bowel movements and urination. Empowering skin involvement in releasing toxins will involve sweating regularly. Infrared Saunas and exercise are ways to accomplish this natural method to detox. Protecting your lungs from exposure to inhaled toxins is really important during this process and for your whole life. Life Coach Tulsa has helped many clients quit smoking to achieve a less toxic life. Finally, the lymph system requires support through regular muscle movement. To move the lymph through the body towards an exit requires muscle contraction and relaxation to massage the vessels and make the contents move. Exercise, vibration plates, massage, chiropractic work, or a rebound trampoline can accomplish this task. Certain supplementation could also be considered to help support all these elimination pathways as you clean up your act.

Cleaner Substitutions to Consider

1. Vinegar to clean

2. Diffusing essential oils instead of burning candles or spraying air freshener

3. Organic, Non-GMO, Grass-fed, as close to nature as you can get nutrition

4. Filtered Water

5. Filtered Air

6. Stainless Steel and lead-free glass cookware and food storage

7. Meditation, counseling, grounding exercises, positive/supportive relationships

Personalized Whole Body Detox Plans

Life Coach Tulsa works with each client to inventory potential toxin exposures and co-create a program to achieve a cleaner more balanced life.

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Stay Curious My Friends,

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