Our livers are incredible unsung heroes. 

In order to give them all the praise they deserve, let’s look at all they are doing to support our bodies in this toxic world.

1. Lipid and Cholesterol Homeostasis

2. Immune System Support

3. Blood Volume Regulation

4. Endocrine Control of Growth Signaling Pathways

5. Breakdown of Xenobiotic Compounds

6. Store Glucose

7. Handles Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism

8. Macronutrient Metabolism


Your liver is a warrior, a protector, a manufacturer, and a storage facility. The magnificent liver is composed of several specialty cells that each have specific functions to help the liver protect us, fight bad guys, produce special Integrative approaches to health advise a waterfall approach so the practitioner doesn’t stop until they reach the top of the waterfall. Translation: When you find something downstream keep exploring and tracing until you reach the source. Supporting the processes at the source of the issue can give the body a chance to correct poor physiology and realign to a path towards optimizing health. Life Coach Tulsa encourages liver love in all clients to support their health journey.

How does my liver support immunity and other critical body processes?

Lipid and Cholesterol Homeostasis is literally a balancing act of the liver with for both uptake and processing as well as assimilating and secretion. The liver has the ability to break fat down to a usable form for the body. Lipids are used for energy and are a foundational component for creating ketones. Ketones are important energetic substrates when we are in a fasting state or low on carbohydrate availability. When the lipids are broke down and sent through the blood stream they reach organs like adipose tissue and are stored as adipose tissue or utilized as energy by muscle tissue.

Cholesterol balance is extremely important for optimal health in Life Coach Tulsa clients. We live in a medical climate that has perpetuated the negativity of cholesterol and has created a narrative to get it as low as possible with medications. When the liver is functioning properly in conjunction with positive health choices the body can manage cholesterol appropriately. However, the medications can further slow the ability of the liver to do its job because it becomes bogged down processing the medication. The presence of cholesterol is critical to making cell membranes. However, too much can lead to dysfunctional cell membranes and kick off the disease process promoting cardiovascular disease. See how the liver is at the top of the waterfall for things like hypertension??

Immune System Support happens in the liver because it houses specialized macrophage cells that help to monitor for and destroy pathogenic invaders. As a protector, the liver becomes a storage facility for viral remnants when it can’t properly negate their impacts on our health. We will walk around thinking we are healthy while this viral load is staying just below the surface until we completely overwhelm the liver processes and protection capabilities. 

Blood Volume Regulation is influenced by the liver and monitored through blood pressure readings.

Endocrine Control of Growth Signaling Pathways can trigger processes in the liver that promote cell growth throughout the body. Maintaining the life cycle of the cell and replacing through replication is critical for surviving. Our bodies are designed to constantly replace, repair, and regenerate as we age. The ability to keep up with the needs for these very jobs is anti-aging at its core. I feel this is the sought after Fountain of Youth if you will.

Breakdown of Xenobiotic Compounds are basically toxic. Webster explains them as a chemical compound (such as drug, pesticide, or carcinogen) that is foreign to a living organism. Our toxic environment, toxic food, toxic medications and toxic relationships get stuck in our liver because we are inundated and the organ is overwhelmed. Parts of the compounds can stay in the organ creating sludge and slowing all other detox processes. Some parts of the compound will be released to the rest of the body to wreak unknown havoc. A few may actually be broken into fairly safe parts that can be processed and eliminated.

Store Glucose makes the liver a best friend of the pancreas. The liver can store glucose as glucagon to help relive the burden on the pancreas and prevent too much glucose in our blood stream. The liver will respond to release glucose as our bodies demand it for energy rises. The liver will also increase storage as we eat. Balance is obviously the key. However, as we trend towards over-nutrition as a society, the liver becomes numb to insulin and will continue to release glucose even though the body does not require it for energy. This miscommunication between the liver and insulin will continue and the individual will continue on the path to Type II Diabetes through insulin resistance.

Handles Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism which helps to contribute to the transport of important items such as hormones. The breakdown of amino acids is a major source of energy for the hepatocytes themselves. And the amino acid metabolism plays a critical role in the conversion to glucose helping to provide glucose energy to organs in times of fasting.

Macronutrient Metabolism refers to the job of the liver to begin the digestive breakdown of macronutrients such as fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Bile production begins in the liver and is secreted into the intestinal track through the gallbladder to promote the breakdown of fats. Bile also helps excrete waste products from the liver, blood sugar metabolism, and kills bad microbes.

Heath Coach Tulsa is actively raising liver awareness with all clients as they establish their new path for a healthy future.

Each of the functions listed above influence the capability of a client to fight the battle against cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr Virus, digestive issue, inflammation, autoimmune issues, and so much more!

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*Any information presented on this website and included in this article is not claiming a cure or treatment for any diagnosis. Consult your physician before introducing any change to your health plan.